Monday, January 25, 2010


In an effort to accomplish many things on a Monday, I am hiding in my office, cleaning out all of the 2009 files (adieu!!) and setting up shop for 2010. However, because I get distracted easily....very easily...... I am attempting to satisfy that insane need to accomplish with something a little more fun like updating our little family blog....... that has not been updated since October. All the while, the laundry is swirling away in the washer and dinner is slowly simmering in the crockpot. As a multi-tasker, I am quite satisfied right now.

Let me just say, the pictures are going to be in no particular order.....pretty random as a matter of fact, but it will be a good glimpse of what has transpired over the last few months (except Christmas....way too many pics!)

Andy and Emily are loving school and Braden is plotting his escape to MSU in the fall. Just for fun, I am going to post a couple of pics of Brady when he was small just to cement in blogger-land just how fast time flies!!!! Gulp. Seriously, Braden was Andy's age when Tim and I got together. Why does 10 years feel like an eternity when you are a teenager and it feels like the blink of an eye when you are a Mom??? Ok, time to move along, or I am going to start getting all mushy, and then I will stop multitasking. Not good.

So, here we go.....

Brady modeling his cousin Dylan's sweatshirt!

While my sis was in town, we decided to take the kids on the North Pole Express, and these are a few pics from that little excursion. The kids had a great time and it was a beautiful day!

Alex and Andy
Em and Austin (and the beloved bunny ears)

Me, Mom, Beck and Alex
Beck making no-bake cookies with the kiddos
First snowman of the season, complete with no-bake cookies for eyes!!
My present from Santa????

Braden and Beck off in their own worlds.....
Ahh, yes, the Christmas program......well......this pic pretty much sums it up for Andy.

Emily was of course, so happy to be an angel!!!

Emily and Daddy at Em's Turkey Day feast! I love this picture!
Andy at his feast, getting ready to pray....

Andy and Emily's teachers are very good friends, and lucky for us they wanted to do a field trip together to the LifeCare center of Boise. This is the first of 3 trips for the kids.

Andy and his betrothed, Emma, praying for this dear resident.
Andy and Em praying.

Okay, Okay, Gulp!!! These are a couple of pics of Braden. During November we had to gather pics for his year book and do senior portraits etc., But, these little babies are going down in Bishop Kelly yearbook history!

Braden's 1st birthday!!!! I love him.

Brady coming in for a little lunch from ski lessons........

Braden and his best bud Kyle......kindergarten Christmas program.

I love this picture, because these 3, are still best buds!!! This is second little man was 7......ugh!!!! I am going to try to get this same shot of the boys at graduation in......sniff....sniff.....4 months!!!!

Football fun for Andy and his buds.

This was Andy's birthday. Emily decided to wear a football jersey to support her brother on his big day!!
Andy's party at school.....his expression says it all!

Of course Braden did not stand still for me long enough to get pics of him on the first day of school, but I do have a picture of him at his cross country camp in McCall the first week of school. I would get pics of all three of these young men every year on the first day of school. I love that they are all such great friends.

Kyle, Oliver and Braden

Kyle, Oliver and Braden

First day of school...

First day of school...
Braden at the Jimmy Driscoll race. He did so great!!!
Below, both Andy and Emily have a break away and a goal!! Woo! Hoo! Of course, Coach Daddy is there with the congratulations and pats on the back!