Friday, October 30, 2009

Everday Life

I can not believe we fall is flying by so quickly! I must say, I am a little bummed. I want the leaves to hold on to the trees a little longer, and the beautiful fall weather to linger. Well, truthfully, I just don't want to have to gear up for the holiday season. It is coming tooooo fast.

The following pics are a pretty good glimpse of what goes on around here. Everything from playdates with friends to chores and sports.

This little family cracks me up and I am grateful to be a part of it!!

Emily and her friend, sharpening their light saber skills, in order to defeat the Clone Trooper.

The girls successfully defeated the Clone Trooper......

Apparently, Andy convinced Emily that if you have Mom and Dad's rockin' early 90's helmets on, the foul smell of dog pootie is not so bad. Lock and Load Sis!!

Reward for foul chores........Football with Daddy. This is an everyday occurrence in our house. We are always talkin' and playin' football around here.

The picture of Andy tackling Emily, is not real clear, but notice Emily is smiling. She LOVES to play football with the boys. We need to work on holding on to the ball. Fumbling is not real convenient.

Braden trying to keep warm before a race......Yes, that is a Sponge Bob blanky.

Coming down the home stretch.......
I am so proud of him!!!

Andy and Emily went to the pumpkin patch last week with their classes. What a blast. Both kids walked away satisfied, pumpkins in tow.
Go Wild Lions!! Her team, (and Andy's) went undefeated!!

How we feel at the end of the day!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I LOVE FALL!!! Not only does it bring cooler weather and beautiful scenery, but it brings back awesome memories of high school football games and homecoming. So fun.

This past weekend was Bishop Kelly's homecoming. The typical festivities ensued--- bonfires, powder-puff football, (complete with cheerstuds----- of which Braden was one. I am still trying to find pictures of him as said "cheerstud").....varsity football and......."the dance".

The homecoming dance in Braden's group of friends is quite an event. They all congregate at one house, have some appetizers, socialize and let all of the parents take a ridiculous amount of pictures. That being said, this gathering is a lot of fun for the parents as well. We too get to socialize, have a glass of wine and admire our babies all dressed up in their boot-scootin' best.
I love it.

As, I was wondering around in stealth mode taking pics, I overheard the boys were chatting....... .

"Dude, let's fill up on these (the appetizers), so dinner does not cost as much!"

"Ya, that is an awesome idea.....I had to take out a small loan to cover this night!"

Too funny!
Spoken like true teenage boys. However, the sweet part of those comments is that they were trying to sacrifice so they could take better care of their ladies...........or, they just did not want to have to be mortified when they ran out of money at dinner and had to call the parentals for back up!!!

Braden and Joan

Braden and Oliver: i.e, "The Bromance"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new beginning.

This new school year marks a whole new season of life at the Peters' house! Wow! All of the kids started back to school in August. Braden began his senior year (AAAHHH!), Andy began 2nd grade and Emily Joy started kindergarten. It is a weird feeling to watch one child finish 12 years of schooling and another begin. Surprisingly enough, I have not even shed any tears. Quite honestly, I think I am still in shock. Actually, I feel incredibly blessed to be home this year to really take part in every activity.

Back to school also marks the beginning of fall sports in the Peters family. Braden is doing cross country and Andy and Emily are doing soccer. I love to watch the kids while they dig deep ...........and let their competitive streaks show!!
Of course Braden did not stand still for me long enough to get pics of him on the first day of school, but I do have a picture of him at his cross country camp in McCall the first week of school. I would get pics of all three of these young men every year on the first day of school. I love that they are all such great friends.

Kyle, Oliver and Braden

Kyle, Oliver and Braden

First day of school...

First day of school...
Braden at the Jimmy Driscoll race. He did so great!!!
Below, both Andy and Emily have a break away and a goal!! Woo! Hoo! Of course, Coach Daddy is there with the congratulations and pats on the back!